To provide the most comprehensive we only recruit for the professions that we know; that, over years, we have developed real practical experience. This way we ensure to bring the highest expertise to your search.

Supply Chain and Purchasing

Managerial and Transverses functions across the value chain: Supply, Sales Forecasting Logistics & Warehousing , Distribution & Efficient Consumer Response, Sales Administration & Customer Service

Project management, logistic flow management, Supply Chain engineering

On site and production functions: Maintenance, Repair & Operating (MRO), Industrial production procurement/ acquisitions

Purchasing : Procurement/acquisitions, Indirect procurement, Non production purchasing :  Intellectual services, Purchase Marketing/Packaging, Energy, Raw materials, Facility Management


Financial management, audit & risk management, accounting, Merger-acquisition, financial analysis and internal project management, regulatory, Front to Back Office management, Asset & Liability Management

Consultancy :

Expertise in Banking and Insurance activities


External audit, Accounting, Transaction Services, Organisation & Strategy, Information Systems

Information Technology

Information Systems : IT Directors, Responsible of IT Security, Cybercriminality, IT Strategy